Why Randolph Engineering is on a mission to create a new era of high performance cars

Why Randolph Engineering is on a mission to create a new era of high performance cars

Randolph engineers are taking on a new mission in high performance vehicles.

The German automotive giant is teaming up with the Randolph engineering division to develop a new generation of high-performance cars, called Randolph-branded.

The cars will be driven by a number of Randolph technology platforms, including the latest generation of electric powertrains and advanced aerodynamics.

Randolph-developed technology is also being used to develop next-generation powertrands for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other Mercedes-class luxury vehicles.

But the Randolf-branded cars will also be powered by electric motors, according to a press release from the company.

“The aim is to deliver a high-tech performance vehicle that can meet the needs of today’s drivers,” said Karl-Heinz Schulze, Randolph’s chief executive officer.

The Randolph name has been synonymous with performance and safety, but the company is now taking on new and different roles in a market increasingly dominated by sedans.

“Our cars will offer drivers new levels of performance and comfort and the possibility to take part in their next race,” said Schulfe.

“It’s a bold new approach that is likely to change the way drivers drive their cars for decades to come.”

The new Randolph cars will compete against Mercedes- and BMW-branded competitors such as the BMW X3 and Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG, according the press release.

The Mercedes-brand Mercedes-BAC AMG will be based on the Randulf-developed X3.

The BMW X1 is based on Randulf’s X3, and will be powered entirely by a lithium-ion battery pack.

“We are now entering a new phase in the development of high quality electric powertrain technology, and this new platform will be the first to take full advantage of this new technology,” said Michael Toth, chief executive of Randulf.

“Randolph is at the forefront of the technology and the development process, and we are delighted to be working with them on this important project,” he added.

“Their expertise and track record of innovation, combined with our technology, will give us a unique advantage in the world of electric vehicle technology.”

Ahead of the launch of the new Mercedes-branded high-power vehicle, Randulf is also building a second model based on its technology.

“This project is an important step for us to develop our technology into a full-fledged car that can compete with Mercedes and BMW, and also be a competitor with the likes of Porsche and Toyota,” said Stefan Stuckel, Randolf’s head of engineering.

“When it comes to the new generation, we see ourselves as one of the best manufacturers in the industry,” he said.

“But we will also keep our eye on the future, and make sure that our technology stays in the forefront.”

Randolph engineers have developed a range of technologies for the company, including advanced airbags and traction control, to make sure cars are designed for the next generation.

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