Microsoft hires top software engineer

Microsoft hires top software engineer

Microsoft is set to hire a top software engineering engineer to oversee its Xbox One games studio.

The move is part of a restructuring of Microsoft’s Xbox One business, and comes after Microsoft announced last month that it had closed its development arm and laid off more than 100 people across its worldwide teams. 

Microsoft’s Xbox division employs more than 1,000 people worldwide.

The software engineer will be responsible for all of Microsoft Xbox One development and development support, including programming, art, graphics, music and audio.

The new position, which is set for a one-year role, will work closely with the Xbox One team to ensure the company’s titles are consistently up to date.

Microsoft said in a statement that the new position would be responsible with “the most recent software development builds and new content releases”.

It is the first time a software engineer has been tasked with a more senior role at Microsoft. 

It follows the resignation of former head of software engineering Brian Creighton in February.

Microsoft announced last year that it was closing its development team in order to focus on its gaming business, but it did not say why.

Microsoft also said it had “temporarily” suspended all employee perks. 

In January, Microsoft said it would close the Xbox division, and said it was going to “rebuild” its gaming division with a new, smaller team of about 500 people. 

A spokesman for Microsoft declined to comment on the new hire.

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