How to make an awesome game engine

How to make an awesome game engine

In this episode of the CBC Game Engine podcast, we’ll explore the many different ways to create games for your game engine.

Topics include: • Why and how to start your game engines in the first place.

• How to build a game engine in 3D.

• The differences between Unity and Unreal Engine.

• What to look for when creating a game in your engine.

• Developing games with the Unity game engine can be a lot of work.

• Learning to make a game for Unity.

• Getting started with the Unreal Engine 3.4.3 release.

• Creating a game with a Unity game system.

• Unity is a great engine to start off with if you have a project already.

• If you’re working with an existing game engine project, you might want to consider a new game engine like Unity.

If you need a refresher on the basics of game engines, we’ve written a short video for you.

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