How to be an engineer and earn $200k (but not a million)

How to be an engineer and earn $200k (but not a million)

A man in his late 50s with a background in electrical engineering says he’s been in and out of work for years.

But he’s now looking to make a living.

“I am going to make it to the point where I can afford a home, which I don’t have,” he said.

“The only thing that I have is my engineering skills.”

So I am going through that process, and it is going to take time, but it is what it is.

“The man, who has not been named, started out as a laborer, but his skills improved and he now works in the electrical industry.”

My career has not taken off, but I am getting by and getting ahead,” he told News24.”

When I get home I go and do some work on my own, which will take a little while to finish.

“He said he had been lucky to be able to stay in school, which is why he decided to take on the engineering career.”

This is a hard one, because I am the son of a labourer, I am a native of New South Wales, but now I am working in a company with people who are from abroad, so it is very hard,” he explained.”

But I have been able to find work, and I am hoping to start earning more money, which would be good for my family.

“The engineer said he was lucky to have a good career in his field, because he was able to earn his own living.

He said the key was getting a good salary for the work he did.”

You have to be motivated and willing to do it, but also be a little bit flexible,” he added.”

For me it was about the opportunity, and being able to do something and have a lot of fun, which was a bit of a challenge.

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