What’s in a name? | Listen to the podcast

What’s in a name? | Listen to the podcast

In a new interview with the CBC’s The Current, Dr. Michael O’Keefe, the co-founder of a leading neuroscience research organization, has some interesting and insightful insights into how he feels about the current state of neuroscience research. 

I was surprised to learn that in a new book, O’Keefe wrote, “If you’re interested in neuroscience, you should be thinking about the name of the field.”

O’Ewens book, Brainstorming the Brain, is a compendium of some of the most important discoveries in neuroscience over the past century.

In it, O ‘Keefe lays out his own take on what a name is, and his views on what makes a great name.

He tells the CBC that when he started looking into the issue, he came across some of his old colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin who were not pleased with his suggestions.

O’Leary, he says, “was a pretty conservative person” who had his own views about names, and who “was very proud to have the first name of a neuroscience research organisation in his own name.”

He goes on to point out that when I asked O’Reilly about his own thoughts on naming the field, he replied, “I don’t think a name should be a name.”

It’s an interesting take on the current situation, and it’s something I was eager to get a deeper look at.

OE’s take on naming O’Brien Neuroscience Institute In Brainstormings the Brain O’Connor, in a letter to his fellow scientists, is quick to point to some of its other positive characteristics, and how it’s made a difference to the field.

It’s not only important to be able to see a brain clearly and in detail, OConnor writes, “It also provides a very valuable tool to help us understand the mechanisms that govern behaviour.”

He adds, “The name O’ Connor is a very powerful and powerful name.

It is a symbol of this kind of science.”

OE also highlights the role of the NIH in supporting research, and the importance of NIH grants.

In fact, the NIH is the primary source of funding for many of O’Reillys research, which has led to a lot of amazing discoveries in the field over the last few decades.

It was the NIH that first identified that certain neural pathways were related to depression, and also that certain regions of the brain were involved in the control of anxiety and anger.

OConnor points out that the NIH has funded a lot more research over the years, and that “research funded by NIH has gone on to have major implications for a lot people.”

This is a bit of a paradox in a way, because when you’re funding research, it can be incredibly important to have people working on it.

For example, the recent discovery of the new gene that is associated with depression, which O’Kelly has helped lead, was funded by the NIH.

So it’s not a case of, if I want to do this research, I have to fund NIH research.

It can be a great thing to have a large amount of NIH funding, and then some very interesting things can come out of it.

OC also points out the importance in naming this field to the fact that the field is “very young,” and O’Crenshaw has also been involved in its early days.

I think that when we talk about the importance to science of being in the forefront of a field, naming it properly is important, and for that to happen it has to be a really strong and well-developed name.

Oce’s take in a different way Dr. Oe’s views on naming are more pragmatic, and focused on how research has improved the field and what’s needed in the future.

He writes that “the name of neuroscience is not only an effective and easy way to describe what we’re doing in neuroscience but is also a symbol that is an expression of how we want the world to be,” which “makes it a really good name.”

But when you start talking about the future, it becomes clear that this is a much more challenging and uncertain time in neuroscience.

The field is evolving quickly, and research has changed very rapidly.

For some people, it’s become an exciting field, and there are some exciting discoveries, but we’re not there yet.

Okefers book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the world of neuroscience.

He’s not just looking at the big picture, he’s also giving us a good overview of the way things are happening now, and what needs to be done to make them a little bit better.

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