What the ‘Boca Raton Police Dept.’ says about a new high-speed police helicopter

What the ‘Boca Raton Police Dept.’ says about a new high-speed police helicopter

Boca Ratons, Fla.

— Boca, Fla., police say they have rebuilt an aircraft with the assistance of an airframe repair shop.

Boca Police Chief Steve Wrens said Monday that the aircraft was purchased by the department in November from Aero Precision International, a firm that provides high-end aircraft and parts to the U.S. Department of Defense.

“This is the first aircraft that we’ve received that we know is fully functional and has a complete and accurate high-performance engine,” Wren said.

“It’s not a model we’ve seen before.”

He added that the department plans to make the helicopter available to the public.

The company said the aircraft is a modified B-1 Spirit, which can travel up to 3,400 feet (1,200 meters) and can be used to conduct search and rescue missions.

The B-2 Spirit is capable of reaching speeds of up to 400 mph (600 km/h) and has two different types of engines.

The new helicopter has been named the Blue Falcon, and it was purchased for $1.5 million, Wren added.

The Blue Falcon was previously owned by the Air Force and has flown in support of the air forces operations at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The police department has had a high-volume high-tech helicopter program since 2014, when the police purchased two Blue Falcons to be used in various roles including search and rescues.

The aircraft was modified to be a police helicopter, and the department said it was equipped with four laser-based night vision cameras and an air-to-air computer system to help it fly during nighttime conditions.

It was equipped for a variety of operations, including a search-and-rescue mission to rescue two people from a downed airplane near Boca Chica Beach, Fla, in December 2014.

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