What’s in the box for the new Ghostbusters?

What’s in the box for the new Ghostbusters?

The new Ghostbusters reboot hits theaters on December 17, 2017.

While the film is set in New York City, many fans were hoping that the film would set in Los Angeles, since it is the same place where the original film was filmed.

While there are a number of reasons why we should expect the film to set in L.A., one of them is because of the Ghostbusters reboot trailer. 

The trailer is basically a short teaser for the film.

While it is set at the beginning of the film, it gives the impression that it takes place in the early days of the franchise.

It also contains some major plot points that are very different from what was seen in the original Ghostbusters movie.

The trailer for the Ghostbusters is an adaptation of a trailer created by the film’s producer, Paul Feig.

Feig’s original Ghostbusters trailer was a rather unique piece of content because it had a trailer for a movie that was never released.

In the original trailer, a mysterious figure appears in a movie theater and is seen to be speaking to a woman.

The woman is then attacked by the mysterious figure, and her body is ripped apart.

Feigs original trailer was actually the first of a series of trailers that would appear on the trailer-free website Ghostbusters.com.

In this trailer, the character of Bill Murray is shown in the movie theater, with the rest of the cast in the background.

While a trailer like this is not as memorable as the original trailers, it does show that the director of the original movie was very fond of his work, and wanted to make a sequel.

Feige is currently filming an extended Ghostbusters reboot for 2018, and the trailer could be the first to arrive in theaters. 

Ghostbusters director Paul Feige talks about making the film in an interview Ghosts: Meet the Ghostbusters’ Paul Feigl talks about why he wants to make the new Ghostbuster movie. 

This article has been updated to include the official synopsis for the 2017 Ghostbusters reboot.

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