Engineer’s drawing on the front cover of TF2: Engineers

Engineer’s drawing on the front cover of TF2: Engineers

The cover of the upcoming TF2 Engineers comic is going to be something special for fans of the developer’s work.

The comic will feature an image of a TF2 engineer with a big black box around his neck.

“It’s just like a drawing that you would see on a computer monitor,” developer Adam Cane told TF2 Esports.

“It’s an image, but you have to click to see the drawing, so you can see what’s going on.”

If you do, it’s a drawing, and if you don’t, you get this drawing.

“The image was taken by developer Adam.”

The drawing is the same thing that you’d see in a computer, but it’s very detailed and it looks really, really cool,” Cane said.”

When I saw the image, it made me realise that if you want to see more of this kind of work, you have got to be able to click on it.”TF2 Engineer and TF2 team members have been working on TF2 for more than six years, and they’ve created a number of artworks that showcase the team’s creativity.

The team has also created a website, which includes a page dedicated to TF2 Engineer, and the developers say they plan to expand TF2’s community by creating a TF1 page.”

So the TF2 wiki can get into a list that people can look at and contribute to.”TF1 and TF4 are currently being worked on by the TF team.

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