When Chemicals are the Most Expensive

When Chemicals are the Most Expensive

Chemicals have long been a hot topic of engineering, with many engineering firms offering their services to chemicals companies.

Now, some of those firms are being sued for their involvement in the development of chemical plants that are causing environmental harm.

A new lawsuit filed in California claims that several engineering firms contracted by a large chemical company to develop an industrial process for the production of chemical compounds for use in industrial processes violated the state’s hazardous waste law by working with chemical companies to develop the chemical compound.

The chemicals companies involved include BASF, a German chemical company that makes chemical products and products for the plastics industry, and BASF North America, a subsidiary of BASF Europe, which makes chemicals for the chemical industry.

The lawsuit alleges that the companies worked with chemical manufacturers and the state of California to develop chemicals for use as a source of chemicals for industrial processes.

BASF and North American have denied any wrongdoing.

A spokesman for BASF said in an email that the company “does not condone the development and sale of chemical products to third parties.”

The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court by attorneys from the environmental advocacy group 350 California.

The suit also alleges that other engineering firms involved in the chemical plant process were in direct violation of the state hazardous waste act by working for chemical companies that were also part of the chemical company’s development.

“The defendants did not disclose to BASF or North American that they were in the process of developing chemicals for their own use, and did not provide information to the public that could have alerted the public to the fact that these chemicals would be used for industrial purposes,” the lawsuit said.

The companies have not responded to requests for comment.

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