When the building fell in the middle of the night, the engineer who designed it had to make a ‘tough call’

When the building fell in the middle of the night, the engineer who designed it had to make a ‘tough call’

The story of the McMurdo Dome, the tallest structure in Antarctica, has been written by a man who had to deal with a structural engineer who made a “tough decision”.

When the McMurray Building collapsed in June 2011, the architect, Dr James Gershon, had no time to think about what might have happened if the building had fallen, he told the BBC.

“I’m quite a big fan of engineering and I’m very aware of what a tough call it was,” he said.

But the decision to build the building in the centre of a crater had been made by an engineer working for the building’s owners, the McMillan Group.

When it came time to build, Dr Gershoff did not want to build anything too tall, he said, but was willing to risk losing the structure if necessary.

In the end, he chose to build it on a sloped floor and had to do so at the height of the storm that was then sweeping across the Antarctic.

The building’s centre section collapsed during the storm.

His decision was taken by his team at the building site, which included a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, and a roof designer.

He decided that the roof should be at least 10 metres high.

On a stormy day, this would have been enough to allow him to erect the building.

At one point during the day, DrGershoff had to consider what would happen if the McMuShed Building was destroyed.

Instead, he decided to build a building of two or three stories.

This was because the McMillshed Building’s roof was at least 20 metres high and was at risk of collapsing.

Dr Gershons engineers had also to deal the building with the possibility that the building would be lost and it would have to be rebuilt, although this was not necessarily a very big deal, because there were no other buildings in the crater.

They built the building to withstand such an event, Drginsons engineers told the ABC.

“We thought, well, if the storm were to occur and we lose the building, then we’ve got to go with that,” he told ABC Radio National’s Insiders program.

“And we didn’t want to lose the roof.”

But the roof didn’t really affect the structure at all.

“The building was completed in a relatively short period of time, by the time it was complete, Drs Gershornns engineers had decided to move to the new McMillsheys headquarters.

Since then, Dr. Gershinns engineering team has been working on several other projects around the world, including the construction of the US President’s Residence in Washington DC.

A lot of the building has now been replaced with a new building, DrGshens told Insiders.

However, the work continues.

And it will continue to take a very long time to complete.


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