IBM’s new cloud-based AI platform is better than the old, but not nearly as good as Google’s

IBM’s new cloud-based AI platform is better than the old, but not nearly as good as Google’s

By David Kravets April 16, 2018 8:22:19A few weeks ago, I wrote about IBM’s cloud-native AI platform called Watson.

Watson is the brainchild of Watson chief scientist and co-founder David Vincenzetti. 

Watson, as the company calls it, is designed to be a replacement for humans, not a replacement to them.

The idea is that humans can be replaced, and AI will replace us in many important ways.

Watson’s primary mission is to teach itself, so it can learn from itself.

The company is also looking to improve its software, so that it can make it more machine-friendly. 

The company says it’s a great fit for its corporate mission of “connecting people, not computers.” 

But while Watson can teach itself to play games and perform math and science, it can’t help you with the rest of the stuff that’s going on in your life, like relationships and family.

In other words, it’s like an AI-based version of Siri, only much more powerful.

Watson will be available for the public in a few years, but it won’t be in everyone’s pocket.

Instead, Watson will focus on making it easier for you to do things that you need to do in your daily life, whether it’s managing your finances or being on time at work.

As the New York Times put it, “Watson has been in development for a decade and is being built in partnership with IBM, Microsoft and other big tech firms.”

In some ways, that makes sense.

Watson was developed for a specific purpose, and it will help you make your own decisions.

In other ways, however, it is more than that.

The problem with most AI programs is that they tend to become overly complex.

In the case of Watson, that could be because it’s trying to learn from the human brain.

The problem with human-based software, too, is that it’s just too easy to get overwhelmed and get distracted.

Watson is a big departure from the way we use computers in most other industries, including the pharmaceutical industry.

The reason is simple: AI is a huge source of productivity, and a big reason why businesses make so much money. 

For a lot of people, AI is an essential part of their daily lives.

But in other industries — from banking to manufacturing to entertainment — it’s been a bit of a black box.

Even the software industry itself is struggling to find a clear way to deliver better, more effective software to those businesses. 

If you want to use AI to make better decisions, Watson’s approach will be perfect for you. 

But as you’re reading this article, there’s a big catch: Watson’s AI is only good for things that require deep, nuanced understanding.

And you can’t do deep, deep, complex understanding if you’re going to be using it to do stuff that requires humans to be around. 

I’ll talk more about this in a moment.

First, some context.

Google has been building its own AI for the past two years, called AlphaGo.

The first version of AlphaGo, in March, beat Lee Sedol in a match of Go.

It had the potential to be the greatest artificial intelligence match in history.

That’s because AlphaGo was programmed by a group of programmers at Google.

That group was also responsible for creating artificial intelligence tools like Google’s speech recognition software, Google Now, and Google Glass.

The code for AlphaGo is more or less identical to the code for those tools.

Google even named AlphaGo Alpha in honor of the Chinese government, because Alpha is an official language of the People’s Republic of China.

The software is open source, and the software for Alpha Go can be downloaded for free.

If you were to install Google’s AlphaGo on your PC, you’d get a lot more bang for your buck than you would with a human playing the game.

AlphaGo’s AI can learn as much about its opponents as it can about itself, and as soon as AlphaGo learns something about itself — that is, how much it likes its opponents — it will use that knowledge to predict its own behavior.

Alpha Go, like its rivals, is able to learn how to play the game well because it is very good at analyzing the other players and making decisions based on their strengths and weaknesses.

It’s also able to play more efficiently because it knows how to build more complex systems, like AlphaGo can.

But the software isn’t good at learning to think.

The most effective way to teach it to think is to show it something, a chess piece or a movie poster, and ask it to imagine it.

Alpha goes to the movies, and when Alpha goes, Alpha can see what the other player has done.

Alpha is also able, because it has the knowledge and the skill to think, to imagine what

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