How Honda’s ‘predator engine’ helped create the next big thing in automotive

How Honda’s ‘predator engine’ helped create the next big thing in automotive

Honda’s new ‘predatory engine’ that’s designed to keep engines from overheating and can power cars for up to 20,000km could be the most powerful in the world.

The new engine, called the ‘Honda Predator’, uses a special type of high-pressure turbine, which means the turbine can spin at 1,200rpm, and can produce more than twice the power of the best engines, according to Honda.

The turbine can produce a range of temperatures from -40C to +200C, and will be able to run at temperatures up to 900C, with a range up to 1,000C.

The Predator is also expected to be the first of its kind in automotive, and Honda is hoping it can provide a boost to the engine market, as the engine is expected to replace many engines used by petrol-electric hybrids, which have the disadvantage of being less fuel efficient.

While Honda has yet to confirm whether it will actually start selling the Predator, the company has been keen to promote its new engine to help boost sales, with Honda saying the engine will help “revolutionise the industry” with an engine that “works like a hybrid”.

This means that it is able to be used in cars that have a large engine capacity, such as the Honda CR-V.

The Predator also promises to be a great way to increase the power output of a car by using more fuel, since the engine has a higher power output, compared to an internal combustion engine.

It’s expected to go on sale in 2021, and is said to cost about $100,000.

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