How to design a new engine that could help Australia’s renewable energy sector survive

How to design a new engine that could help Australia’s renewable energy sector survive

The Government has said it wants to see more new renewable energy infrastructure built across the country, but the Government has also indicated it is not interested in funding infrastructure for new coal-fired power stations, including those built on public land.

Key points:The Government is proposing to introduce legislation to change the way it assesses the value of new renewables projectsIn a speech on Thursday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a new National Renewable Energy Strategy (NREGS) that will make it easier for states and territories to determine whether projects have the potential to produce more electricity than they currently do.

It will also allow states to build more wind farms on public and private land.

“We are very confident that the future of the world is going to be renewable energy,” Mr Morrison said.

“In a very short period of time, renewables have been around for 100 years.”

The challenge now is to put them into the context of what we think is the best use of our resources.

“This is a new area for the Government, and we will be engaging with the private sector as we look at new infrastructure.”

The Government has already set out a range of policy changes it wants the Government to implement to address climate change, but Mr Morrison also said it would be “further down the line” to review the NREGS framework and develop a new national climate change strategy.

Mr Morrison said the NRESS will “help shape the future and deliver for future generations”.

“The best way to achieve this is to be the best partner we can be with the industry, and the best way for that to happen is to get together and work together,” he said.

Mr Turnbull said the Government would “work with all the relevant stakeholders, and all the stakeholders, to ensure we get the best deal possible for the Australian people”.

“That means that we will work with the states and the territories to ensure that we get a good deal for the most people and the most jobs,” he added.

“That’s why the new NRESS is about delivering the best for the best, and ensuring that we can continue to have a strong, strong, vibrant economy.”

Mr Turnbull also outlined a range for the future, including the establishment of a National Climate Commission, a national climate policy, a climate-friendly environment, and a national inquiry into the causes and consequences of climate change.

He said the National Climate Action Plan will be a blueprint for how to implement the plan.

“It will look at the way we’re going to do this, and what we need to do to make sure that we are doing it properly, that we’re doing it with a sense of urgency, and that we have the appropriate infrastructure in place,” Mr Turnbull said.

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