Top engineering schools: Why are there so few top jobs in STEM?

Top engineering schools: Why are there so few top jobs in STEM?

Top engineering jobs are often highly coveted by graduates, but according to the 2016 Census, just 11.8% of engineering graduates in the UK are actually employed in top engineering jobs.

However, according to Google News, that number may be closer to 10%.

The infographic below, created by Google, shows the percentage of engineers who are employed in the top three industries by occupation.

In other words, Google’s data suggests that the percentage employed in engineering is relatively high compared to other occupations.

However, there is one area in which engineering is not very well represented in this data.

In the UK, engineering is actually a relatively small part of the workforce, as just 1.3% of engineers are employed as full-time engineers.

In fact, there are more than 1,500 engineering jobs that require at least a PhD in the US and Australia.

For example, engineers in Australia are typically responsible for designing the construction of the country’s major highways and roads, and building the vast infrastructure of the Great Barrier Reef.

In contrast, engineers are most often employed in support roles, including in research and development, in engineering technology development, and in technical and management roles in other industries.

So, while engineers are more likely to be employed in a variety of jobs, they are not as highly represented as other occupations in the STEM fields.

For more information about the STEM field, including how to choose a career in STEM, see the US Census Bureau STEM Survey 2016 report.

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