Australia’s ‘Bing’ engine wins $1.6 billion in funding to help search engine operators with search queries

Australia’s ‘Bing’ engine wins $1.6 billion in funding to help search engine operators with search queries

Australia’s $1 billion bid to purchase Bing search engine from Google and Microsoft for $1,000 a share is being applauded by search engine providers as a significant boost for Australia’s search engine industry.

The bid is backed by several major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Baidu.

The deal has been welcomed by the search industry, with many predicting that the sale will lead to greater efficiencies and greater consumer confidence.

The announcement comes after a number of companies including Yahoo and Facebook made public their plans to buy competing search engines in an effort to compete with Google’s dominance in the digital advertising market.

In a joint statement, Microsoft said it was “very excited” about the announcement, and that it looked forward to working with Australian businesses to continue the search revolution.

“The Australian search market is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world, and our investment in Baidue is a further step towards creating a world-class online search platform that will drive innovation, growth and economic prosperity for all Australians,” Microsoft Australia CEO Stephen Evans said.

“It will create a world class search experience for our Australian customers and help accelerate the transition from legacy to digital.”

Baidhu is also expected to be the dominant player in the online advertising market, with over half of its revenue coming from the US market.

A recent study by research firm IHS Technology found that US search engine Baidua had the largest market share in the US search advertising market with almost two thirds of US search ads in 2018.

The US search market has been growing at an impressive rate and the company has a market cap of $1 trillion.

Baiduhs chief executive officer, Andy Xie, said the deal would be a “game changer” for Australia.

“In the US we’ve seen the dominance of Google and Facebook, but now we’re seeing the dominance coming from Baiduz,” he said.

Mr Xie said the Baiduy deal would also give Baiduo “a much bigger market share”.

“The opportunity is massive,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“We have a big opportunity for our industry, which has been stagnant for years.”

Google CEO Larry Page said Baidyu was “the next Google” in Australia.

He added that Baidbu had the potential to help Australia “recover from the digital apocalypse”.

“Google and Bing are the two most powerful search engines, and if you look at the growth of Bing and Google in Australia, it’s a big, big opportunity,” Mr Page said.

Google’s $2 billion investment in search engines is also believed to be an indication that the Australian search industry was on the brink of a major digital transformation.

The Baidunas search engine could provide a digital backbone for Australia, allowing Australian businesses the ability to link to international search providers.

However, the search engine’s future remains uncertain.

A Baiduu spokesperson said Bizu would be working with Baidui, the online marketplace for Baiduan, to ensure that the Bizui platform would remain stable.

Bizuy is currently undergoing a major re-branding and will have a new logo, new products and new services, according to the spokesperson.

“Bizu will be the next big search engine for Australia,” he added.

“Our Bizbu search engine will be a great competitor to Google’s, Bing’s, and Facebook’s.”

The Bizhu spokesperson said that “the future of search is not as bright as people would like it to be” but the “future of the Australian economy is also very bright”.

“Baiduz will continue to serve our Australian consumers and investors, and we are proud to be part of that success story.”

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