What’s wrong with the American car industry?

What’s wrong with the American car industry?

I don’t think the American automotive industry is going to be destroyed by the technology revolution.

That’s not going to happen.

But I do think it’s going to become more difficult for manufacturers to compete.

The automotive industry has always been a technology-driven industry.

That is what we were designed to do.

And that is the nature of this market.

But as the technology advances and more and more cars are made by a variety of companies and as more and less technology is used, I think there will be more and fewer car companies.

If you have a very, very large number of car companies, you are going to have a tough time competing in this market and if you have many smaller car companies that compete, they are going a long way toward becoming obsolete.

And then it will be much harder to create new car companies because they have to make cars in very small quantities and that takes time.

So I think it is going as quickly as possible.

And I think this is a very interesting, disruptive, and disruptive industry that’s going into a lot of places and is going into very different places than it was 10, 15 years ago.

So the big question is, will it be there?

That is the question.

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