The use of the human body as a weapon

The use of the human body as a weapon

By By By Emily Brown, ContributorThe United States has developed a weapon that could be used to destroy enemy forces in the event of a nuclear attack, but the Pentagon is wary of the potential consequences.

The Pentagon’s Joint Force Command, which oversees the Pentagon’s nuclear, chemical and biological programs, said it will hold off on any use of nuclear weapons until the Joint Force has been fully briefed on the threat posed by North Korea and its missiles.

The Joint Force, which is tasked with developing and operating nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, said in a statement Thursday that it would not be prepared to use the weapons until it had received the full assessment from the Pentagon and the U.S. nuclear command, including “an evaluation of all relevant threats and capabilities, including those from North Korea, Iran, Syria and Russia.”

The statement said that the Joint Staff was also in the process of conducting a full review of the threats and the capability to counter them.

The use of a hydrogen bomb in combat would require more than a single nuclear device.

North Korea’s state-owned media recently announced the development of a new type of hydrogen bomb that could reach the U: a device that would be smaller than the original hydrogen bomb.

A hydrogen bomb is smaller than an atomic bomb, which has a yield of 1,000 kilotons (1,500,000 tons) or less, according to the U, and has the potential to cause a chain reaction that would destroy large parts of North Korea.

A second hydrogen bomb could destroy cities in a matter of hours, the U said in an April 25 report.

North Korean state media reported that it could be deployed within 24 hours of a detonation.

Ahead of the U’s report, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the country is working to build a more powerful and precise nuclear weapon, and the agency would work to develop a hydrogen warhead capable of reaching North Korea from a distance.

U.S.-North Korea tensions have risen over the past several months.

The North has conducted two nuclear tests, fired several short-range missiles and threatened a pre-emptive strike on the U

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