How to hire a skilled engineer from abroad

How to hire a skilled engineer from abroad

India has long been a magnet for international engineers.

And its engineering talent is growing, with companies seeking to hire more of the skilled workers to help boost competitiveness and reduce costs.

But the process of getting a good engineer in India has been slow.

A decade ago, when Indian engineering was still nascent, companies seeking engineers needed to prove they were prepared to take on more difficult engineering tasks.

Today, however, companies don’t have the time to vet applicants.

That has led to a shortage of qualified candidates, with an average of fewer than 1,000 available.

“The shortage of skilled engineers is one of the biggest hurdles in recruiting skilled engineers in India,” said Vishal Pandey, president of global consultancy firm KPMG India.

“I can’t see a solution for the shortage.

We will continue to hire people, but not the skilled ones.

The current demand is unsustainable.”

The government has invested $100 million in India to boost the country’s tech sector, but experts say there’s little evidence that the push has helped.

The government’s latest plan to recruit engineers from overseas is to recruit up to 300,000 of them each year.

But a major hurdle is that many companies are still reluctant to hire foreigners in the first place.

India has seen a surge in the number of job seekers applying for tech jobs.

That surge is partly due to a lack of skilled applicants and partly due the government’s commitment to hiring more foreigners.

But some experts say it is also because of the reluctance of Indian companies to hire foreign engineers.

The hiring of foreign engineers in the United States and Canada is one example.

But that is not the only problem in India.

The country has an average hiring rate of fewer people per job offer than the United Kingdom, according to the McKinsey Global Institute, which tracks global recruitment.

India’s government also has an oversupply of qualified applicants, and the country is not well equipped to hire them.

The government said it is trying to improve the talent pool by encouraging more foreign companies to participate in recruitment.

But even that can be a challenge.

“You can’t really do it,” said Shubha Kumar, a partner at the consultancy McKinsey India.

Many Indian engineers prefer to stay in the country and work in its tech sector.

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, is the countrys top-ranked engineering school.

Many Indian companies have created specialized jobs for engineers, such as engineers for government and defense.

But it can take years to get those engineers to work in India, said Nitesh Sharma, a Bangalore-based engineering student who works for an Indian IT company.

The country’s IT and media industries have also seen an influx of skilled foreign engineers, but some of the foreign talent isn’t particularly well-prepared.

“We are finding more and more companies are not hiring the best people,” Sharma said.

“The talent pool is so small.”

A large number of engineers from other countries have joined India’s tech companies, but many still are not in the right fields.

One recent survey by McKinsey found that only 2 percent of Indian engineers are in the top 10 engineering companies in the world, and only 2.5 percent are in top 5,000.

India’s IT industry is among the world’s most highly-valued.

It accounts for more than a third of global technology revenues.

But for the past few years, the government has been increasing subsidies and other measures to boost employment.

A number of foreign companies have taken a position in India’s IT sector.

But many have left the country due to the government policies, said Ravi Prasad, the CEO of global recruitment firm J.P. Morgan India.

India remains the most attractive place to get a job.

But in the long run, the country faces a shortage, he said.

The hiring of more engineers won’t help.

“It’s an unsustainable situation,” he said, adding that it would be better for companies to recruit from countries that are competitive.

India may be facing a tech talent shortage, but the country still has a large number in the tech field, and many more people looking for jobs.

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