How to fix the $8 trillion US energy infrastructure crisis

How to fix the $8 trillion US energy infrastructure crisis

What’s your plan for fixing the $2.8 trillion infrastructure bubble that’s sucking up all our cash?

The answers to these questions could make or break your company’s long-term future.

Read moreA couple of months ago, we told you that Elon Musk was looking to build a battery plant in Florida, an idea that would have seen Tesla and other electric carmakers paying $6 billion for an exclusive right to the project.

Now, as we’re reporting, Tesla is set to announce a deal that will see it buy back some of its remaining stake in Florida Energy, which owns the battery plant.

That deal, which will see the Tesla-owned company own a 55% stake in the project, is worth more than $9 billion.

It’s a big deal, but the real kicker is that this is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the US in years.

“We are going to get to build the largest battery plant ever in the United States,” Musk told CNBC last week.

“And that’s going to be in Florida.

The next biggest, in a very short period of time, will be in Nevada.”

In order to do that, Tesla will have to pay $3.3 billion, which is a big chunk of money to pay for a battery project.

And the company will have a hard time recouping this money by raising new capital in the near term.

As Bloomberg points out, the company’s total debt to capital ratio, or debt to equity, is now 1.75 times its value.

This is not the best thing for an energy company, but it’s a major step forward in addressing the infrastructure bubble.

But the company has to be careful about what it says it is going to do.

Tesla is not yet a publicly traded company, so it is not in a position to announce exactly how much it is paying for the battery project, or when it will begin producing its battery batteries.

But the company is going through a massive, rapid expansion plan, and Musk knows that a significant portion of the new money is going toward building out a new factory in Florida in the coming years.

The Tesla-Florida deal is a win-win-win for the company and the state of Florida.

It gives Tesla access to a major source of revenue, and it gives the state the chance to invest in the Florida plant.

But in order for Tesla to pay off this debt, it needs to get more money from the state.

This would be a big help to Tesla if it could get a tax break that would allow it to use the money for other projects, like expanding its battery capacity.

The Florida deal is another big win for Elon Musk.

While it does not allow Tesla to build its battery plant there, it does allow Tesla the ability to use state tax dollars to help pay for it.

But there is a catch: The deal only applies to the battery factory.

It doesn’t apply to any other parts of the project that are going on in the state, including the battery batteries themselves.

If Tesla does decide to build one of its batteries in Florida and start making money from it, then the state could end up paying a hefty sum for this project, which could result in a loss for the state and a loss to Tesla.

And Musk knows this.

He knows that the company would rather have more money to invest elsewhere.

Musk, however, has made clear that he is willing to pay whatever it takes to get the plant built.

As Bloomberg points to, he told CNBC in January: “We’re not going to take it off the table.

It just might take us a year to get there.”

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